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1. Alleviate poverty by providing advice on seeking employment, training, debt and money counseling and related financial advice.
2. To promote education on matters of what right courses and careers amongst people specially from Southern and Central Africa.
3. Encourage young African single mothers who fall out of school to take up other adult education courses.
4. Unite broken families together by way of counselling and forgiveness.
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We further support broken families with physical needs in terms of food and counselling the parents. We also reach out to orphanages by offering support by offering mentors who help in emotional and mental stability.

Our aim is to empower families and overcome barriers, increase independence, grow in confidence so that they reach their true potential.

Our hope in doing this is that through showing and leading by examples and creating sense of continuity and stability family will once again develop into cohesive unit that is able to integrate successfully back into the community.